Find Your Inner Peace

even when life is busy and imperfect learn how to shift your perception

Join us for meditation practices that will help you to gain mastery of your mind and find inner peace even when life is imperfect. The practice of mindfulness has been called “the royal road to enlightenment.” The goal is to awaken from the slumber of illusions into an awareness of what is truly and profoundly real. Mindfulness can perhaps best be defined as a condition of relaxed alertness in which we see what is here to be seen, hear what is here to be heard, feel what is here to be felt, taste what is here to be tasted, smell what is here to be smelled, and are aware of the condition of the mind that either supports the clear perception of our sensory fields or interferes with it. Join us and learn the art of contemplation, emergency meditations and alternate states of consciousness. You will develop the ability to stay focused onto your goals with accurate intuition and how to navigate through big challenges.