Energy & Consciousness

Energy fields are so powerful that they dominate our perception. They are really portals out of which we see the world. We often hear: “This is really just a world of mirrors” and also that all we experience is our own energy field reflected back upon us as perception and experiencing. We will look at perception, the view of the world, and the view of life as it comes out of these various energy fields. For example, someone who feels guilt which is an energy field of self-hatred and destructive energy sees a world of sin and suffering. Therefore, that person waking down the street looks around and sees only suffering. When they open the newspaper, they also see the endless suffering of mankind. Another example is the people who are in the energy field of hopeless and despair literally see a hopeless world. When they open the newspaper, they notice the hopeless condition of mankind, the endless wars, poverty, and crime. They actually experience perceptually, visually, auditory through all the senses a world of hopelessness. The lower the energy fields are the more the clouds will cover the sun. As we remove the clouds, we will experience again the sun, which is always shinning, and sometimes in order to change our vibe we also need to change our environment which influences us greatly.  

A positive example would be the persons who have moved on up to the level of acceptance, they really begin to experience the harmony of life and discover synchronicity and how everything just sort of flows together. They experience a world of cooperation because they are holding cooperation as their own energy field. This helps them to move up to enthusiasm and to lovingness and the experience of endless loving support and the endless presence of that loving energy in the universe. Whereas reason is linear and objective, love is a different dimension as it is nonlinear and subjective. Thus, it is said that reason is of the mind (brain), whereas love is of the being (the heart). At its emergence, love is selective and conditional, but as it evolves, it progressively becomes a lifestyle and a way of relating to all life. Love emanates from within the Self and is an expression of happiness. Love nurtures and supports life and is the beginning of a revelation. This is why in Buddhism practices Metta/love meditation it is used as a daily practice for cultivating love and compassion first towards ourselves and after to all beings including plants and animals. 

Energy fields are often explained in quantum theories. Logic and verbal language are the wrong tools for the job of understanding energy. Math could work better however, merely shows us how it operates, but not why it is as it is. Logic also fails when discussing things that have no comparatives. We tell a friend how wonderfully deep blue the sky looks on this crisp autumn day, but his would of course be meaningless to a person born blind. One needs experience comparisons with the known for language and thinking to be productive. We are clueless when it comes to the deepest issues of the cosmos. Because the universe in its entirely, the sum of all nature and consciousness, has no comparative because there is nothing else like it, or either does it exist within any other matrix or context, our logic and language lack any meaningful way to apprehend or visualize it as a whole. Life and consciousness are the keys to understanding the true nature of the universe and the energy fields that play a role. Until recently, we knew what the universe was made of, but it now turns out that 96% percent of the universe is composed of dark matter and dark energy, and we have virtually no idea what they are. 

One of the mysteries in the universe is:  why is the universe energy exquisitely fine-tuned to support life? Our understanding of the fundamentals of the universe is actually retreating before our eyes. The more data we gather, the more we’ve had to juggle our theories or ignore findings that simply make no sense. Our current theories of the physical world don’t work, and can never be made to work, until they account for life and consciousness. The world is not , on the whole, the place described in our schoolbooks. A full understanding of life cannot be found only by looking at cells and molecules. We have a problem. Consciousness and its energy fields are not just an issue for biologists but also for physics. Nothing in modern physics explains how a group of molecules in your brain create an energy field called consciousness. The beauty of a sunset, the miracle of falling in love, the taste of delicious meal, feeling the energy of someone who is not with you these are all mysteries to modern science. Nothing in science can explain how consciousness arose from matter. However, according to David R. Hawkins, MD, PhD research based on clinically proven self-healing methods , hope and faith need to be accompanied by surrender to and acceptance of a Higher Will. His research shows and has validated that life cannot be destroyed , it can only change expression from the limited physical linear reality to the unlimited nonlinear spiritual reality. Dr. David R.Hawkins explains in his map of the scale of consciousness which is an exponential model that describes the energy fields, peace, joy, love, reason, acceptance, willingness, neutrality and courage are the ones in positive direction of truth life support and nurture.  

The teachings of Padmasambhava I learned in Bhutan just to mention a few instruct us how to master the energies of life. These ancient teachings explain that the primordial intelligence itself is present. Pure presence is present in the fundamental dimension of one’s embodiment. In the heart, there are the forty-two peaceful manifestations of the Buddhahood,  in the head, the fifty-eight wrathful manifestations. How the energy of our primordial state shines like a lamp is extensively explained in the Tantra of Self-Generating Pure Presence from Buddhist traditions. Energy fields are powerful and dominate our perception, it seems that the great tragedy of human life had always been that the psyche is so easily deceived, discord and strife have been the inevitable  consequence of mankind’s inability to distinguish the false from the true. I have the answer of this fundamental dilemma : a way to recontextualize the nature of consciousness itself and make explicable that which otherwise could only be inferred.