Plant-based Nutrition

Practical activism for global and personal transformation. Learn how plant-based diet is a catalyst for change.

My Passion

My passion for diets that are sustainable for the planet and best for health let me to discover in 2006 the plant based lifestyle while joining a spa training where I discovered the devastating effects of the animal industry on the planet, and the animal cruelty behind these big corporations. This changed my life forever, and as a result, I decided not to eat meat ever again. 

I became a holistic nutrition health coach certified by the Integrative Institute of New York. It was the only accredited institution who was contemplating veganism as a healthy lifestyle from a more holistic approach. I became a wellness activist volunteering in open minded healing centres across the world where I learned multiples approaches, and I was also part of conservation projects for wild animals in extinction.

Since then I have travelled the world learning plant based cuisine styles across the continents that are best for mind, body, soul and performance.

In this section you can Enjoy my favorite plant based recipes and learn how to design your own meals if you sign up for our wellness packages.

This library also includes other plant-based chefs and spiritual activists from around the planet that are aiming for a better world and health.