Sonia Banyuls

Yogi & Holistic Health Visionary

Hello friends welcome to Holistic Divas!

Holistic divas was born as a way of life for busy women interested in health & wellness inspired from my experiences all over the world. It is all about living your healthiest and happiest life to the fullest consciously. I will be sharing tasty plant-based recipes, yogic tools and spiritual approaches from various traditions, love stories, amazing travel discoveries, fitness boot camps aligned with mama earth and great holistic tips for self-care. The goal: Empower women entrepreneurs to change the world without losing their health.  

No matter where you are in life or in your journey, it is normal to encounter a few bumps across the road, don’t worry! Holistic Divas will help you to get back on track with very simple holistic practices that will inspire you to be the very best of yourself. I believe that powerful collective energy emerges when women connect with other women affecting positive change. The purpose of this site is to activate your inner strength take control of your health, and connect with other women no matter how busy you are.

I will be posting fantastic resources for those who want to go deeper into the world of healthy eco-living based on my personal experiences to help you to make your life as happy and fulfilled as possible including the relationships aspect. I will be sharing some of my favorite scientists & researchers, and holistic practitioners with who I collaborate around the world that meet the east-west approaches helping you to integrate their knowledge into your daily routines. Ultimately, my goal is to share with you how to live your life to the fullest in your own terms holistically in a way that feels easy, effective and in a very practical way. If you would like to check my background in this field you can click my LinkedIn link below. 

With Love