A Love For Life

When women share their stories of their personal journeys, a world of shifts occurs based on the inspiration it holds to create a path of purpose and intent. Encouraging women to share their truths, falls and risings gives permission to other women to continue on their avenues of dreams, follow their intuition, and create a life of positive impact and legacy. Unpredictable times , life altering moments and triumphs can create the outcome and be the gift that shines our talents in this world.  I believe that through story-telling with pure vulnerability and authenticity transitional scenarios of pain  or confusion can be used to inspire specially in love relationships that seems very hard today. I can attest that the stories of other women who rose to their grandest vision and best selves inspirated me go beyond . One of the most inspired stories I met across the world was Antia’s  love story. I met her in Bali in 2018, she was a true inspiration for me. She gave me the avenues of leveraging my story to pivot into my own grandest vision and changed completely my view on love relationships . Antia is a Psychologist specialized in helping successful women to find a love partner and build a fulfilled  long term relationship consciously. She is a dating coach and the founder of the method: Attract Your Man.

I asked Antia the following questions for our Holistic Divas audience:

  1. Antia can you tell us a little bit about your background and how did you became a dating coach for women?
  2. What would you say from your experience after coaching many women it is a common mistake most women make now days?
  3. Since your husband is also specialized in coaching men to find a long term fulfilled relationship, can you tell us assumptions that women make based on your husband’s experience coaching men?
  4. Do you think high achiever women tend to be perfectionists and this could ruin the early stages of meeting someone? Or is it just about meeting the right candidate? We all heard the saying  “Go with flow”
  5. How do you meet the right person at the right time at the right place.?
  6. Which tips would you give for busy women looking forward to improve their love relationships or for those women who are looking for a love fulfilled relationship?
  7. You have a very unique way offering  your services with a very powerful statement: Attract Your Man.  Why we attract who we attract?

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